about a New Canter

I took line
"The Canter" of the Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus underwent a model change fully and was released.
By the test-ride event, a Canter ranging from a standard carrier long car (3,120mm) to a long carrier long car (4,350mm) was prepared for. It is a standard carrier long car of load capacity 2t that a reporter chose as a test ride car. As for getting into a light truck, full length chose a shortish thing since the part-time job of school days.
A 4P10 type inline four-cylinder 3.0 liters intercooler turbo diesel engine of the new development is put on new Canter and 4 variations exist by the output. Best output 96kW (130PS) /3500rpm where the output becomes the third as for what I took a test ride on, T2 specifications of maximum torque 300Nm (30.6kgm) /1300rpm. In this, the sixth-speed dual clutch AT DUONIC was put together.
There is the superiority of cost and the mileage, too, and, on the commercial truck, the sale of the MT car is often found unlike a car. Of course an MT car is prepared, but tells even a new Canter to want to promote the sale ratio of the dual clutch AT car to 90% according to the staff of Mitsubishi Fuso. That, and furthermore, was the test ride at the low speed range, but the new model Canter to have the convenience like the AT car including the automatic shifting and creep run and the engine braking like the MT car is accepted just for a short time by a commercial user feeling.

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